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Water Treatment

WATERSY's state-of-the-art products meet every water need. Our scale and corrosion inhibitors along with effective biocides will allow for maximum cycles while keeping the system free of scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth. This leads to clean heat transfer surfaces also saving you money in water and chemicals....

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Industrial Cleaning

WATERSY's Cleaning industrial equipment is an essential to keep the heat transfer surfaces clean and in efficient working condition Watersy India Technologies have developed descaling chemicals which are affective and compatible to all kind of metallurgy and remove very hard deposits or oxides in the heat transfer surfaces....

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Plant &

Our expertise makes us an able supplier of a wide range of industrially developed and custom designed Water Treatment Plants. Range of products being offered by us includes Industrial Water Softening System, Industrial Reverse Osmosis System, Filtration System, Demineralization System, Swimming Pool Filtration System and Packaged Drinking Water System,

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Why Choose Our Company

We Provide Solutions for
"Increasing System Effeciency "
"Decreasing Energy & Water Cost"
"Decreasing Time & labour for Maintenance"
Through Effective Water Treatment.

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Our Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

  • "Customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality, delivery and Cost"

  • Providing quality service that is timely and dependable.

  • Using state of the art products.

  • Create, unique custom tailored equipment solutions.

  • Providing training for operators.

  • Utilizing environmentally sound products and services.

  • We will strive to satisfy the needs of our customers and adhere to get the cost & the on-time delivery schedule.

  • Customer Testimonials

    Thankyou for providing high quality Industrial RO for our company

    Sanjeev Katyal Malhotra Sports Wear.(Jalandhar)

    Thanks for Providing Good Domestic RO Product For Our Office.

    Rahul Kumar Standard Steel Furniture

    Your Product is good , which is maintained our Utility Machinery health as per required. For Long time utility machinery health maintaining insure quality of Chemical .

    Dalip Singh Reckitt Benckiser Industrial area,UP

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