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Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

The need to remove undesirable heat is common occurrence in industrial manufacturing processes the purpose of a cooling system is to remove undesirable heat so that optimum temperatures and pressures are maintained. Water is the most commonly used medium for removing unwanted heat because it is readily available, easily handled, and capable of removing large quantities of heat cost-effectively. But water is an excellent solvent and carries many impurities with it. It dissolves matter it contacts in the air, on the earth's surface and as it percolates down through the earth's crust. Natural waters contain impurities in the form of dissolved gasses, dissolved solids and suspended solids. Because of this most natural waters are either corrosive or scale forming.
When left untreated, natural waters can lead to the corrosion of metal, the formation of deposits, and the growth of harmful microorganisms. The result is reduced operating efficiency of the cooling towers and heat exchangers, reduced production capacity, increased maintenance costs, and sometimes significant downtime losses.
WATERSY's state-of-the-art products meet every water need. Our scale and corrosion inhibitors along with effective biocides will allow for maximum cycles while keeping the system free of scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth. This leads to clean heat transfer surfaces while also saving you money in water and chemicals.

Our Range Of Products :

  •    Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for Raw Water
  •    Silica Scale Inhibitor
  •    Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for Soft or RO water
  •    Corrosion Inhibitor for Closed Loop
  •    Corrosion Inhibitor for Open Loop
  •    Corrosion Inhibitor

  •    Bio-Dispersant
  •    pH & Alkalinity Neutralizer
  •    Oxidising Biocide
  •    Non Oxidising Biocide
  •    Oxidising Microbiocide
  •    Oxidising Microbiocide for Swimming Pool

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

A boiler is a closed vessel in which the heat produced by the combustion of fuel is transferred to water for its conversion into steam at the desired temperature & pressure.
Corrosion and Deposition can be seriously problematic when it comes to the function of your boiler system. The formation of deposits such as scale and sludge in a boiler system, results in elevated metal temperatures that cause tube failures and restricted circulation. Boiler system corrosion leads to localized pitting and/or thinning of pipe and tube surfaces, resulting in leaks and tube failures. Both issues will significantly reduce a system's efficiency, and compromise a boiler's reliability.
The feed water is composed of make up water (externally treated water from outside boiler room/process) and condensate (condensed steam returning to the boiler ). The feed water normally contains impurities. Which can cause deposits and other related problems inside the boiler. Common impurities in water include alkalinity, silica, iron, dissolved oxygen and calcium and magnesium (hardness). Blow down, a periodic or continuous water removal process, is used to limit the concentration of impurities in boiler water and to control the build-up of dissolved solid levels in the boiler. Blow down is essential in addition to chemical treatment.

Our Range Of Products :

  •    Scale & Sludge Conditoner (Phosphate Treatment)
  •    Oxygen Scavenger Sulphite based
  •    Oxygen Scavenger
  •    Oxygen Scavenger Hydrazine based
  •    pH Booster

  •    Oxygen Scavenger DEHA based
  •    pH Booster Amine based
  •    Fire side chemicals
  •    Boiler Alkali Boilout Treatment Chemicals

R.O Water Treatment Chemicals

RO is a widely accepted technology for water treatment in industries and for desalination of sea water the WATERSY INDIA TECHNOLOGIES have developed RO antiscalent which are compatible to all kinds of RO membrane and keep the system to run economically with constant , good quality of permeate without any shutdown or increase in differential pressure the some of our RO products

Our Range Of Products :

  •    RO Antiscalant
  •    RO Membrane Cleaner ACIDIC
  •    RO Membrane Cleaner ALKALINE
  •    RO Membrane BIO-Cleaner
  •    pH Booster for RO Water

ETP/STP Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP National and international regulations provide the legal frame work for the treatment of waste water. Consequently, the purification of waste water is our top property our STP and ETP products for flocculation and precipitation achieve highest possible performance and are very economic in their applications. We base our production on raw materials of highest purity, that are also in compliances with our sense of ecological product responsibility. The following are some of our STP, ETP treatment product

Our Range Of Products :

  •    Polyelectrolyte/Flocculent
  •    Coagulant (Concentrated)
  •    Deodorizer for Agriculture
  •    Disinfectant ( Chlorine)
  •    Nutrient for Bacteria

Water Testing Kit

The Watersy India Drinking Water Test Kit tests for elements in your drinking water system that can lead to serious health problems. It tests and provides immediate results for: Bacteria--Strains of E. coli can cause serious illness or death. Lead--Causes developmental harm, neurological damage, and kidney damage. Pesticides--From agricultural uses, linked to increased cancer rates. Nitrates/nitrites--From fertilizers and animal waste, causes developmental problems. Chlorine--By-products can increase cancer risk and cause bad taste and odor. Hardness--Causes lime scale and higher detergent use. pH--Can cause heavy metal (such as lead) leaching and plumbing damage. The Water Test Kit tests to EPA standards. The kit includes all testing materials; no further lab work is required for results.--Bree NorlanderWhat's in the Box One bacteria test vial, one lead/pesticide test packet, one nitrate/nitrite test packet, one pH/hardness/chlorine test packet, and user's manual